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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

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Is coaching the same as therapy?

Coaching and therapy are not the same. Mental Health Therapy can include elements of coaching, but it often deals with major past traumas and ongoing mental health issues. Coaching works forward from your current situation and does not seek to "heal" you. If mental health needs come up in the coaching relationship, you will be referred out to a qualified therapist.

Where are you located?

All Inner Strength Partners coaching sessions take place online, via phone or video conference.

How do we start?

Our coaching relationship starts with a half-hour conversation, where we get to know each other.

     If it seems like we can partner well together, we'll make a coaching plan that includes how often we meet and what your goals are for our work together.

What does a coaching schedule look like?

Coaching session are generally weekly and last 55 minutes.

     After our initial meeting, we will come up with a plan for how many sessions it will take to reach the goal you have set for your coaching . The number of weeks can be increased or decreased as we go through the process.

     Sessions are set out in 4-week blocks that are pre-paid. Refunds are available for unused coaching sessions once your coaching goals have been met.

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